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Omg, last night I felt just like a 14 year old girls again (For those of you who do not know, i am soon 20). I was at a consert in London with We the Kings, Cute Is What We Aim For and Boys Like Girls. It was amazing! I was jumping and sweating and singing and screaming, and i found out that I have never ever fallen in love with a band before, cause yesterday I did. When Boys Like Girls came out on the stage, I was like… I cant explane it. The lead singer, Martin was SO FREAKIN’ HOT i could pee in my pants. And he performed so well I actually wanted to cry. I have never felt this much about a band before, I am quite confused actually. But he is hot and I feel like i’m 14. ITS AWESOME.

Boys Like Girls

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The time of WoW

Actually, to tell you a litle something from the “old days”. When WoW came out in Norway, i was like, “AH MY GOD I HAVE TO BUY IT” …. but… “AH MY GOD I HAVE TO GET A NEW COMPUTER FIRST” … because that time i was sharing one with my sister, and thath wouldnt have worked out. So i ordered one online, and had to wait for it to come so I (wish some help.. actually I stood and watched) could build my computer. Then innstall everything. Bu that time WoW was sold out everywhere. So I had to wait for the second release. And when that day came, I skipped school for like an hour, and ran to the trainstation, took the first one to Oslo, ran up the main street and into the store and bough it for like 500 NOK which is $100.

So now you know that story.

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Age of Conan

Yes, i have decided to buy that game. But i have to wait. Until my exam, and when i get home from my holiday to Grand Canaria ❤ Then i will run to the store, buy the game, install it, and sit in my room all night long and game. I cant wait!!

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My Ipod

I just filled up my ipod nano 3 generation. It has now just 30 mb left.. and that is full to me. This is a day of sadness. To actually start deleting albums now is a bummer :/

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I try again

So now i tried like alot of times to blog with wordpress. I dont know why it doesnt work, but this darn login thing is stupid. Stupid I tell you.

Anyways, i have a reason for this entry:
SWIFTKARATECHOP, yes, He is the reason i write this. Cause I just found him on youtube last night, and I have been watching since then. He is amazingly funny, and actually have the balls to make some seriouse vlogs from time to time. He is awesome 😀

So, I am getting more and more nerdy. Let me explane.
I am like, all the time on youtube. Thats my nr.1 place right now. And facebook has ofcourse taken over my life by now. And now that i find more and more awesom vloggers on youtube i can just let everything else go, cause i dont have time for anything else 😛

And in the fall, me and my boyfriend will move in together, and then the nerding will get wicked! Xbox360 I TELL YOU! The games that are on the list of what to buy is: Army of Two and Assasins Creed. I will kick some b/f’s butt! And we will have to try Age of Conan as well.. soon. 😀

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