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Achtung, die Kurve!

Or Zatacka as it is more known as. The fantastic game we all loved to play, right?


This was awesome! And now, you can play online! There are never people on the server, but you could collect friends, or talk to me, and i’ll join you? 😀

Here, http://ozone.game-host.org/kurve/ you download the game. And then the fun can begin?
Oh, that was the days ❤

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Terrible dream

Last night I had a really bad dream. Or a really bad experiece in a dream. I do not remember anything else of it except for the horrible experience.

I fainted.

I actually felt the blood in my head leave the head. It went cold, and I could keep my eyes up. I felt as if I couldn’t breath and then It went black. This is all I remember from it. But it was aweful! I have never fainted for real, so i do not know if this is how it works, but this was my fainting dream…

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Starucks logoIn Norway we do not have starbucks. Nor in any coutries that are close. So when I travel over sea to Britain, I enjoy a good Soy Mocca! Omg that is soooooo goood! Appearently (or so I’ve heard) Starbucks can never open in Norway because we are to few people here, and they need X people to visit each day, and we are to few to even come close…

With that said, in Norway we have alot of other coffeebars. Privat, small, sweet coffeeplaces. They are really good at making coffee too! But is like, something special to go to Starbucks when we dont have it here in Norway!

With that said, i dont think I want starbucks in Norway. Cause there is a charm with the small home-made-ish coffeeplaces we have 🙂

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Capri Sonne

So, do you have Capri Sonne where you live? The best of the best drinks ever!
This one is Jungle Drink, I think this one is the best atm. They have ALOT of flavours!

I have to buy them in sweeden, cause in norway they sell like one and one, and they cost as much as 5 in sweeden. So when I go shopping in sweeden, i shop like 40 Capri Sonne with me home!

They are originaly from Germany? I believe so, cause Sonne is Sun in german. The Capri Sonne is called Capri Sun in America right?

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The best liquorice

The best liquorice i believe is: Pingvin Salt Pastiller. They are from Denmark if im not mistaken. And they are super salt and super good!

Salt Liquorice

And while we’re at it. Heksehyl. (Witchscream is the english word). That is another AWESOME liquorice!! I’m telling you!

I dont know if you have this kind of candy where you live. Whereever you live in the world. But I found a place for you where you can buy this candy.
Scandiafood! There you can buy these extreemly good Pingvin lakris (Penguin Liquorice)!

They also have, Lakrisal and Tyrkisk Pepper!

Tyskisk Pepper Lakrisal

omg. There is so many good types of liquorice! You should absolutly try these if you have not tasted them before!

I was actually only going to write about the pingvin salt liquorice, but when I found that site, i just hade to tell you about all the others aswell! Love it! These candy is mostly from Denmark and Sweeden!

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The awesome/aweful purse

So, in Spain, I bought this new purse/bag… and it is great! It is a beautifull color, and its just small and practical.

The only bad thing.. is that, The inside of the purse is like, so aweful I dont want anyone to see it!
But ofcourse, you will see, since I’m telling you this 😛

OMG! Have you ever seen anything that bad? And the worst thing.. I bough two bags with the same inside pattern…. the bags were great. But this is just… aweful!
Wouldn’t you agree?

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At my work, the Café, I make alot of waffles. But with the new waffle maker the waffles get to crispy. They are like huge waffle crackers. So I had to do something about it, and that fast! Costumers was beginning to complaine about the crispyness of the waffles, that broke when I put them on to their plates. So I made this wafflehouse:

Now the heat of the waffle, will become steam and the steam will soften up the waffles! No more angry costumers! Only happyfaces!

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