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How do you… die?

From Postsecret.com

From Postsecret.com

How you ever wondered how you will die? Ever thought about when it will happen? Will it be fast and painless, slow and hard? Will you be alone or will you have the one you love by your side?

– There was a time in my life i thought much about this. I was scared I would be alone, I was scared I hadn’t done enough to get remembered by anyone. I was scared of death.

– And then there came a time where I didn’t care. I wrote this note and put it in my wallet, it was something like this: “It’s Ok, I was ready to die”. That note was meant to be read by the people who might hit me with a car so they would know i was ready to die, and they should have no hard feelings. Sad you say? Maybe weird? Well, thats what I felt at the time.

– Then a third perspective came along, when I met my boyfriend. Another scary thought came over me. What if he dies before me? What will I do then? Will I be alone? Will I manage to survive without him? I didn’t think i would, and I cried myself to sleep at night praying we would die together when we had lived long and good lives, together.

All this is over. I know now that there is NOTHING I can do about death. Not the timing, not the way it will be, or if I will be alone, or leave loved once alone when I go. When I go, I believe it will be my time, and all I can do, is be a little careful when I drive a car or walk over the road, I can choose not to smoke or do drugs, and that’s about it.

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Are you alone?

Did you ever think about this?

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How is your work?

My work is rather great actually. Last night there was a birthday party. To people turning 50. There was an HUGE ammount of food, dobble amount of cakes, and to much candy for a whole school to eat. My job was to serve the food, and drinks, and cake and candy. While they ate, I could eat to. Thats what i did. I ate and I ate. And this i made money on? I would be happy if they paid me in food!

This was heaven for me. And the people was so nice, and the kids didnt cry at all. So we were just sitting in the back waiting for something to clean up.

Played some rummy, and ate some more fruit and potatochips. haha.

I’m so happy with my job.

How is your job treating you? Do you look forward to going to work? Do you make enough money? Are you satisfied?

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Going CD/DVD shopping?

Gym Class Heroes’ new cd is called The Quilt and will be in stores september 9th. I alreaddy preordered it, and as you may know I’m going to their show in London 17th of september.

The interessting part about this is how cheap I got the CD. On the regular store in norway it would cost me €15 ($30) to get it sent home to me in the mail. I have completely stopped using the norwegian cd/dvd shops and traded them in for places in the UK that send them for free. The pund is low and the delivery is free, how much better can it get? Well, by being a member of CDWOW.com you get free vouchers in the mail every now and again. I just got €3 ponds off my very new cd and it only cost me €4,99. I must say. That is 1/3 of the price i would by it for in Norway.

Another great site is play.com, I have found them to be cheaper than cdwow alot of times, but they are not giving out vouchers, so Cdwow is the place i ordered this from.

I really suggest you check out these sites if you live in europe!

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The Veronicas

Borrowed from last.fm

Borrowed from last.fm

If you want some music, these two girls are worth a listen! I really like their album “Hook me up” (2007). These girls are identical twins, and their voices are awesome. They can remind you somewhat of Paramore.

They are in the category Pop / rock / and is really singable!! Which is something I love. Just screaming and singing to the music.

Three songs i want to recommend:
Take me on the floor.
Revenge is Sweeter (Than you ever were)

You can listen to some of their old songs here:

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Sorry about this being a bit late, but here goes:

My list of seen movies this month. Some of them are old movies I never saw, and some are movies I saw at the cinema, you’ll understand which one’s are which.

  • Filmer:
  • Princ Caspian
  • The Happenening
  • Breakfast at tiffanys
  • Hencock
  • Mamma mia
  • Three men and a baby
  • Three men and a young lady
  • Shooter
  • The Dark Knight
  • Kung fu Panda

I have no choise but to say that The Dark Knight is the best movie i saw this month. It was so good i had to write a post about it 😛

Just to say a big about the other movies as well:

Mamma Mia was sweet, you went out of the cinema with a happy feeling. 🙂 Worth a watch!

Hancock, I loved it. Will Smith is cool. Kind of a “the incredibles” in a non-animation style 😉

, exciting, thrilling, twists and turns. Really cool!

The Happening, not worth watching. The only cool thing about it, is the way people die…

Kung Fu Panda, Quite funny movie, but with a small plot i though. You laugh pretty hard some places 😉

The links are to Imdb, if you are not femiliar with this site, you should click it and you will love it. Everything about every movie ever made is there. All actors and everything! Love it.
And btw, The Darkn Knight is #1 at imdb’s top 250 list, it actually topped the God Father 😉 haha, thats awesome!

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