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The Snow

The snow came to Norway as it did in alot of countries these past days. It has been cold for the last days, so it was kind of in the air. I was just waiting. Even though i was waiting, it hit me. I woke up.

“It’s Snowing”

And it was. The ground was covered and the sky was white. That was about all I saw before i crawled back to bed.
Into my warm bed.
Closing my eyes.
Pretending it wasn’t true.
Falling asleep,
Skipping school.

All of this, cause of the snow. It’s cold, its depressing and it melts when it gets to hot. That’s what it always does, that’s what it will do forever. Its depressing. Its not cold enough for the snow to last. We get the snow in october, but it won’t last until christmas. I wish snow would come on the 24th of December and stay just until the 1st of January. That would have been nice.

The snow is alreaddy just wet, rainy and mushy. The weather is still cold. I call that rip-off.

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A true Friend

From Postsecret.com

From Postsecret.com

Do you have a best friend? A friend that is always there for you no matter what? A friend like this postcard expresses?  If you are a person like this. You are lucky. If you are the person who wrote this postcard to postsecret, you are blessed. You should always care for this friend, always be there for her and always be on her side.

Not many of us, or i hope im not the only one, have a friend like this. A friend who is with you no matter your choices, your faults and lackings. Not all of us is lucky to have someone who will be there for you no matter how much you argue or disagree. Alt of us have friends that are there for the benefits and not for the hard part.

We all needs friends like this picture describes. We all need someone like that. Are you this kind of person?  Am I? What I am really trying to say is, if you don’t have this person, maybe you should try to be this person for someone else?

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This post is all dedicated to Mememolly from youtube. She just recently posted a video. She is dancing, singing, and showing us her clothes. For clothes people, its is awesome, she has  a lot awesome outfits. For song-liking-people it is adorable. She has a beautiful sweet voice. And for you dancing-lovers, its sooo cool. She dances like nobody’s watching.

I have a new idol.

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Love for stuff

Youtube youtube … you tuuuuuube!

Yes, this i sjust advertizement for my newst youtube video. I dont know if you know me from there, of if you just stumbled upon me. But anyway. This video is about love. Love for something people actually wants to make you believe isn’t lovable.

I fell in love at a concert. I fell hard and it hurt. It was his voice. It was the never-before heard song. Or maybe it was both. I fell hard. And i am still in love. This will not pass.

Boys like girls did a cover of Frou Frou’s Let go. And it made my knees shake and my heart scream. Now, almost halft a year after i fell, i still feel the aching for more. But I am still happy. I do not feel the sad kind of heart ache. I feel happy and in love.

here is the song:

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This post is about the first four books in the Twilight series.

If you dont know what this is please continue reading. If you are sick and tired of this book and all the fuss around them, you can stop now.

Since I come from a land far far away, we are a little late in the books/movies/TV from the states. I have just recently read the first book, even though the series is finished, and i have three more to read.

I first heard about this book through Youtube, of course, where else?  And I am soooo glad i did.

This is a romantic book between a girl and a vampire boy. All the challenges this meets and how incredible strong their love is despite their differences.

I don’t know where in the world you are form, or if you are speak one of the 38 languages this book has been translated. You may never have heard of it, and if that is correct, its YOU I’m writing this post to.

This book took me by surprised. I was stuck to the book for a week since i got it. I was shocking how i just LOVED it. I fell for everything. This author, Stephanie Meyer, knows herself, she knows what girls want in a boy and what a boy should say to make a girl melt and shake.

It is kind of dangerous, since you will be comparing all other boys to the main boy in this book, Edward Cullen. You will never find him. Just as simple as i can say, you will never find a vampire. But what do I know? right?  We don’t know what’s hiding in the darkness.

All boys, This is was you guys call a girls book, a book full of clichés. You are so right. This has everything you guys hate. But I do have one theory. If you read this book, and study Edward Cullen, and the things he say, and the little details he does. You will know what you need to understand women. I believe so. Get on with it 😉

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