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Thumb Wrestling

Haha. Isn’t this the coolest thing you’ve seen today?
I must say, it would have been pretty-cool to own one of these, so when you are having a thumb-wrestling match, you can actually have the right gear 😉

Anyone know if or where you can buy it?

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I just stumbled upon this site called “onesentance.org“, and this one sentence caught my attention.

I know how this girl feels, and I can’t even imagining how this boy felt. Not being able to be a fiction character. I know boys must hate Edward, cause he isn’t real, and he does and is how no boy could ever be able to be. Cause he isn’t real.

But that makes him more fantasizeable, cause he is the ultimate boy, the boy every girl wants. Or at least a lot of girls.

I’m not saying im on the girl’s side here. Cause destroying a relationship over a fiction character is quite extreme. But i know how she feels, cause i know what I think about Edward. Omg, Edward is h0t 😛

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