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Twitter Sucks

Twitter Sucks

Twitter Sucks

Yep. This wirstband i found at Boys Like Girls lead singer Martin Johnsons own Blog: Martinsays. I am starting to agree, and im wondering if I should buy it.

People are using twitter as a messenger system. And all I see is replies for people i dont know, and do not care about. I dont need that. I want to follow the people i like, and want to know what they are doing. That’s it. It’s plain curiousity that drove me to twitter. Not im unfollowing new people every day. Thats no fun.

What to you feel about twitter?

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If you are not up-to-date on www.stepheniemeyer.com you will not know about this letter, so here you go.

This is a letter from the New Moon directer to all of the twilight fans. I thought this was amazing, he wants to satisfy the Twilight-Fans. This really made me trust him, and that he really will do a great job with New Moon and keep it close to the book!

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Studies = Worries


How do you know you chose the right subject to study? How will you know when you have never worked with it? 

Did it take you multiple tries to figure out what you want to do in life? Have you done the first thing you thought of for your entire life? 

Did you go to another country to study? Far away from all your friends and family? Did you start over? Did you do it in a foreign language?

I have all these questions in my head. Some people say I should change my major all the time. That I should just keep going and when I’m finished i will be happy.  And some people encourage me to change, do what is right for me in the moment. 

I get confused. I dont know what to do or where to go. I don’t have only myself to consider either. And I dont know actually what I want. I am just in the starting face of knowing what I like. 

From education studies, to economics. Yeah, huge difference. Well, now, through my bloging, vlogging and broadcasting, can you guess what i thought of? 


It is extreemly hard to come in to journalism schools in Norway. I dont have a shot, in a million. But it seems interessting. It seems like what i should do. 

You people who have seen my live shows on blogtv, or seen my thoughts on youtube, or even you, who are reading my blogs; Do you think this might be it?

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I haven’t had anything lately that wanted me to write anything. So that’s the only and the simple reason of my lack of posting. But today I have seen a video that got me totally excited again. 

This video is from SoarOfTheConchords and is a music video with one of The All-American Rejects songs from their new album, “When The World Comes Down”, which will be out in the stores 16th of December. 

First of all, Alex has done a GREAT job on this video. Used alot of time, and the result is excellent. I favorited it myself, and have watched it many times. The song is great, and the filming is basic and simple. The result is, as I said: Excellent. 

Second of all. This is the first really GOOD video by Alex since i first subscribed to him. He had this character named Kyle, which one a competition by Andrew Bravner. And because of that video I subscribed. I think lately it has been alot of not-so-good videos. But this one is over the top. Really great job!

Third of all, it made me want to by the album. I haven’t even heard about them comming out with a new album, and i think that is kind of weird. But anyway, now i have. Now i like. Now i will.

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