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New York

Yesterday i ordered a trip to New York. I have never been to New York, I’ve never even been in the US. So this will be really exciting!

I’m going to be away for a week. It’s not until May 29th, but it’s worth the wait. I can save money that way. Haha. I’ve heard with some of my friends that has been there this year, to know how much to excpect to use… its A LOT.

So now i was wondering if I could get some help from my readers. Have you been to NY? Have any great/cheap places to stay? What do i HAVE to do? Well, anything I should know? I could really use this help!

Wow, I really can’t wait now. Haha. I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!

And btw, I also got a flight that doesn’t stop in Amsterdam, how awesome is that? Direct flight, Norway  – New York. Haha! YEY!

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Hey guys.

I know there is a few music-related blogs these days, but it’s the most important thing, so I will have to let it be like that. When music is dominating in my life, i must write about it!

Well, the thing I wanted to share today was this.
I love lyrics. Behind every great song, there is great lyrics.
For me, lyrics is the best with every song. Really.

And now i found this new site! SongMeanings its called. Under the songs (i will not promise its under EVERY song) there is comments, where people try to explain the songs and the meaning behind them. I found this really helpfull with a few songs i was really uncurtain about!  People have different theories, and some people know stuff for a fact. So i loved it. Now i dont have to lay awake at night thinking about a songs meaning. Thats helpfull for my sleep 😉

If you have more places like this, where people LIVE for the lyrics. Please give me a comment 🙂

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