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So, i’ts been talked about alot now, haven’t it?
Just kind of wondering how things are like in your country, where you live, in you school, you friends? Do people have it? Is the public really afraid? Do they do anything to make less people get sick?

Well, here it’s what it’s like where i live, in Norway (if you didn’t know). In public places, library, the ferry, cafes and school cafeterias have tubes/bottles of liquid to disinfect our hands. And there are several posters and commertials about the flu, and how you should sneeze and caugh into your elbow and wash you’re hands several times. There are also sold these small bottles and tissues of disinfect-products EVERYWHERE (like, the coffieehouse, the food-store, the museum, yeah, you name it).

I’ve had a few friends who’s had it. They where pretty much our for 3-5 days, and then up and running. High fever, lots of sweating and caughing. It’s never fun being sick, but it’s nothing to fear.

I think I am imune. I dont think I will ever get this flue… (well i guess i just jinxed that now). I’ve been around two sick guys, most of the time they were sick.. and I’m still here typing.

Well, how’s it with you, are you sick?

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I’ve read the most amazing book! I never though I’d ever get out of my Fantasy-Mania, but I did it (well, probably not for long…). It’s the greatest love story, about loss, love, longing, waiting, and of course time traveling. It’s a really great combination. And even though it’s fiction, you read it and believe it and fall totally in love with the book.

I though the time traveling would be hard to follow, and the dates, and the ages and times, but it’s not hard at att. Because the great Audrey Niffenegger has it all worked out and well organized. You never forget where you are in time.

It’s out in the movies now, but please, read the book first! You will not regret it.

Have you read The Notebook? Seen The Lake House? Did you enjoy it? Then this is the book for you! It’s wonderful!

Thank you Kristin for the tip 🙂

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