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I hate snow and the cold

Heya readers.. long time no.. writing?

Its too much freaking snow. I thought we were going toward lighter AND warmer times.. but no. Stupid global warming making everything colder. Well, the snow has been snowing all day aswell.. And I hate having to scratch snow of the windows of my car with my bare fingers.. Yeah you can se I’m faing that smile right? ^^

What I actually came to say was.. I forgot. SVARTE. (thats a norwegian word meaning “black-e” haha.) Its a used as a curse word without saying something bad. Lik, Darn? ^^

I’ve gotten myselg a lookbook now.. Check it out.

And colored my hair.. you’ll see later.. its too dark! I will not be a norwegian-blond-princess anymore =/

Do you have snow?

And one more thing.. do you want blogposts like these?^^

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