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Red Man Means Walk

Just thought i’d inform you on a “law” in Norway! Or actually a non-law..

It’s not illegal to walk on a red light.

Norway is the only country in Europe where this is the fact. Nothing happens if we walk on red light. And if a car hits us it’s their fault.

Weird right?
They are considering changing the law these days though.. But I don’t know what happens!

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Some of you wanted to know how much snow was left here in Norway! I can ofcourse just talk for where I live!

This is the snow that’s left outside my door and window!

(Noen av dere ville vite hvor mye snø det var igjen i Norge! Jeg kan selvfølgelig bare snakke for hvor jeg bor!

Dette er snøen som er igjen utenfor døren min og vinduet!)

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