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I have said too much when people have asked me, that I don’t think Oslo is pretty. And I’ve always thought that Oslo was an ugly city that I never wanted to live in. I never understood why people would come here to visit! Until now.

I just moved to Oslo, 2 weeks ago. (I’ve lived outside of Oslo my entire life). It’s not until now, when I take the busses and trams in Oslo that I really get to see everything and how beautiful it really is.

This Friday, our last school assignment was to go to Vigelandsparken, to look at ALL the statues. We were going to take our time, and really look at it all and see how it was all created. The park, the statues, the surroundings. I WAS STARSTRUCK. Everything was so beautiful and i simply loved it. So if you are going to Oslo, please stop by Vigelandsparken/frognerparken!

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