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Restaurant visit

Hello read readers. I know it’s a long time inbetween all my posts, but to my defence, there has been a few Youtube videos resently! But, to the point:

I went out to a restaurant a week ago, and I thought I would share some expenses with you, just so you get an overview of a few stuff. I went to Yaya’s, it’s a thai-restaurant. They have 3 restaurants, and are always very booked. This restaurant was at next to Stortinget. (59.911904,10.737737 in google.maps).

My order
Main Dish,with Scampi and chashew nuts. Rise on the side.  146,-
Dessert, fried banana with vanilla ice cream. 49,-
Black Coffe 19,-
Water to drink, free.

I usually order water at restaurants, because sodas and beer and other stuff is always way overprised.
So, total, this came to 214,-

I thouth this resturant was extreemly nice. The interior was awesome, the vaitor was really nice and best of all, the food tasted awesome. And I didnt think the price was bad, very good actually. 🙂

Happy eating!

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