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I thought this might be useful if any of you where traveling to Norway and wanted to drink and go out!

Vorspiel is a very useful thing we do in Norway, it is German and pretty much means the party before the party (any Germans out there who have the correct translation?)  Anyway, we do this mainly because it is to expensive to drink all your drinks out on a club or a bar, so you buysome before you go out and drink it with your friends.

Then the places of alcohol-buying in Norway. The general Grocery Stores in Norway only sell beer, cider, rusbrus(ready mixed drinkes in bottles). And the volume of alcohol is no higher than 4-5 %. If you want wine, licure, spirits, and that’s sort of stuff, you have to go to Vinmonopolet, they are pretty much located some places close to you (but not as close as the grocery store.

The time of buying. You have to time your buying, all alcohol-sale ends at general stores ends at 8 PM, Monday-Fridays, and at 6 on Saturdays. All sales at Vinmonopolet ends at 6 PM Monday-Fridays and 3 PM on saturdays. All alcohol buying is closed on Sundays, even if you find an open store!

The Age-limit. You have to be 18 or older to buy drinks with an alcohold % over 22%. This includes all drinks a general stores, most wines and some mixed drinks at Vinmonopolet.  The age-limit for alcohol above 22 %, you have to be 20 years old. You have to show ID at Vinmonopolet without being asked for it if you are under the age of 25 (they actually gave you a lollypop for a while if you remembered to show it before they had to ask you^^).

Tip! If you are a little late (like most norwegians when the sale is about to end) there is going to be a line of people wanting to buy some beers at the last minut, the only thing is, it doesnt matter if you where in the store, or grabbed the beer before 6 PM, you have to have them registered before that time or it will not registrer and you will not get to buy any beer. This is an automatic thing and you can not argue.

Hope this wass helpful 😉

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I know many of you have asked for places to eat, drink coffee, go to that I prefer. I have never really though of that as information you would like to have, but I am clearly wrong and I will with this inform you of some of my favorite places to go to drink coffee and stuff like that. First of all, I live close to Nydalen/Bjølsen and some of these places are near there. I will also inform you of how to get there by public transportation! This is just the first list, of hopefully many, when I actually think of palces I like to go, but this is a start.

Bjølsen Bakeri
This is a fearly new place, and hasn’t been open for more than a couple of months. I went there only because it is the closest café to my apartment. But I am so happy I went there and the main reason I go is their Cinnamons Buns. OMG. You will not have had anything that delicous in your entire life! It costs about 20 NOK, maybe 25. Its not that many seats available, but its not that central so I had not yet had trouble getting a seat. Together with the amazing cinnamon bun they are very aware of coffee. I mean, they sell great coffee imported from special places and they know their stuff. A cup of regular black (but very good coffee) costs about the same as the cinnamon bun and you get a free refill (it’s not many places in Oslo that still does that!).
Directions: The Easiest way is to take the 54- or 37-buss from Jernbanetorget to Bjølsen (about 20 min). The café is just across the road (almost) from the busstop.
Website (in norwegian): http://bjolsenbakeri.no/

Bjølsen Sushi
Hah, another place at Bjølsen. But this Sushi is amazing. I have not had that much sushi, but I think this one if great. It’s also one of the cheapest I’ve found so far in Oslo. I usually eat Maki and they are from 45 NOK at 6 pieces. They are open until ten, and you can sit in the restaurant or take away, they make the food in 10 minutes or so. I love it.
Directions: same as above. Just behind the busstop.

This is a coffee-shop a friend of mine words at, and he is THE SHIT in coffee making if I might say so myself. This is a coffeeshop that sets coffee highest on the list, they train theirs baristas and make sure they serve the best coffee to their costumers. Very few seats, mostly a to-go place and not that much to eat, again its the coffee that counts, and if you want the best coffee you go here! (Or Tim Wendelboe, but that is a different story).
Directions: the 37-buss from Jernbanetorget to St. Hanshaugen. The shop is almost just at the busstop.


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Restaurant visit

Hello read readers. I know it’s a long time inbetween all my posts, but to my defence, there has been a few Youtube videos resently! But, to the point:

I went out to a restaurant a week ago, and I thought I would share some expenses with you, just so you get an overview of a few stuff. I went to Yaya’s, it’s a thai-restaurant. They have 3 restaurants, and are always very booked. This restaurant was at next to Stortinget. (59.911904,10.737737 in google.maps).

My order
Main Dish,with Scampi and chashew nuts. Rise on the side.  146,-
Dessert, fried banana with vanilla ice cream. 49,-
Black Coffe 19,-
Water to drink, free.

I usually order water at restaurants, because sodas and beer and other stuff is always way overprised.
So, total, this came to 214,-

I thouth this resturant was extreemly nice. The interior was awesome, the vaitor was really nice and best of all, the food tasted awesome. And I didnt think the price was bad, very good actually. 🙂

Happy eating!

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In coffeeshops in Norway, you will have a lot of options. Its not only the regular black coffee, the latte and the cappuchino available for you. Oh no.

Like starbucks and problably many other coffeshops there are syrup available in different flavor, caramel, hazelnut and vanilla are the most common once, including mocha ofcourse.

Well, in shops in Norway you might get a lot bigger varieties of syrups, in a lot of different flavour, which you can add to your preferably latte, but also cappuchino. On this picture you see Coconut, Irish Cream, Orange, Cinnamon among others. You may pick one, or you may mix them together to make a rather interessting type of latte.

There are also sauses, which are used in the same way.

Try a “Jamaica” and mic cinnamon and vanilla, or a Bounty (coconut & Chocolat)? Or my personal favourite, Caramel, Irish Cream, Chocolate and Hazelnut? ^^ Does it get to sweet for you, ask for another shot of espresso!

Regular prices of lattes with syrups, from 35-50 NOK! Enjoy!

edit: After comments, I wanted to show you how the lattes with syrup is made and served. So i made little picture-strip!

1. Add the selected syrup (In this case: caramel, white and dark chocolat)
2. Add espresso.
3. Up to here (double shot).
4. Add milk.
5. Voíla!

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Prices is Norway

Travelers to Norway are having a hard time in knowing how much money to bring. Well, I’ll try to give you a chanse here. If you go to Norway for a holiday, you can’t spend your meals out. I know lots of you are used to having your dinner and lunch out, but in Norway this is TOO expencieve. I will give you some prices on everyday food, and some on what the prices are eating out.

A few Years back we got a new brand in Norway, called First Price. They sell everything at a cheaper rate than usual, and are sold in most foodstores.
You get more for less, and is a great tip on everyone comming to Norway. Not everything is as good as the “real” products, but a lot of them are!

10 NOK (Norwegian Kroner) is at this date:
$ 1,70
£ 1,00
€ 1,20

Bread – 25 NOK
Milk (1 liter) – 12 NOK
Ham (150g) – 20 NOK
Cheese (500g) – 50 NOK
Eggs (18 pack) – 30 NOK
Jam – 30 NOK
Cereal – 20 – 40 NOK

Chocolat (150 g) – 30 NOK
Potatochips – 30 NOK
Soda (o,5 liter)- 15 NOK

Café/Restaurant (Everything is cheaper if you have it to go! Tax reduction)
Coffee Latte – 40 NOK
Black Coffee – 20 NOK
Cake   – 50 NOK
Toast – 30/40 NOK
Salad – 70 NOK
Pizza (eating out, sharing) – 250 NOK
Mc Donalds Bigmac meal – 80 NOK
Soda 30 NOK

Cinema ticket – 100 NOK
Popcorn and Soda (At cinema) – 80 NOK

Buss ticket (local) – 25 NOK
Buss over different zones (Local)- 50 NOK
Train from Oslo to Kristiansand – 1200 NOK (You can be lucky if you book in advance and get a MiniPrice ticket for half the price).

Well, this was all my head could come up with today, just leave comments and I will try to put everything in this post as we go along. 🙂
I’m sorry it’s all so expencieve ^^

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Waffles… again

I cant help but write about waffles again, cause I see them every day. I just thought i might share with you all, what we norwegian people eat on or waffles. They are ususly eaten as a pastry, with coffie (never as breakfast).  You go to a café (like the one I work on) and you order a waffle and a cup of coffee. Usually these people who order this put strawberry jam and sour cream.

I’ve actually never tasted sour cream on a waffle before, and most of the foreign people who come to the café asks what it is, and when they hear that it’s sour cream, they never want it. I dont know what it is about it..

But yes, that is the most used topping on a waffle in Norway. And then Norwegian Brown/goat cheese come in a close second?

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Starucks logoIn Norway we do not have starbucks. Nor in any coutries that are close. So when I travel over sea to Britain, I enjoy a good Soy Mocca! Omg that is soooooo goood! Appearently (or so I’ve heard) Starbucks can never open in Norway because we are to few people here, and they need X people to visit each day, and we are to few to even come close…

With that said, in Norway we have alot of other coffeebars. Privat, small, sweet coffeeplaces. They are really good at making coffee too! But is like, something special to go to Starbucks when we dont have it here in Norway!

With that said, i dont think I want starbucks in Norway. Cause there is a charm with the small home-made-ish coffeeplaces we have 🙂

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