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So alot of you guys have asked how my trip to New York City was. Well I’m just about to tell you!

It was so much fun I didn’t want to leave! I saw alot of cool and typical american stuff (Except Poptarts, seriously, i think they were hiding them from me). Well, I even ate sweet caramelizes popcorn! (We don’t have that stuff in Norway).

I visited the Museum of Sex, The Empire State Building and Central Park.
I took the free ferry to Staten Island to get a closer look at The Statue of Liberty!
I went to a Broadway show: The Little Murmaid. Oh so many memories from my childhood! And on first row! It was awesome!
I went shopping everywhere! (And spent a little more money than I should have).
I took the City Tour Sightseeing bus!
I ate at Hard Rock Café, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, TGI Fridays and Planet Hollywood.
Got invited to a private screener for The Hangover! It was awesom to see it one day before everyone else!

Well, now to my REAL reason for blogging today.
I travel. A LOT.
Yesterday i ordered 2 plane tickets to London. Because I’m going to see The Fray in London at the 20th of October!
And just today, I ordered plane tickets to Spain.. to just, relax, get a tan, eat and drink and be with my friends. I’ll miss the first two days of my new school year.. but I though it was worth it.. One week in heaven. Srsly. I cant wait.

Prices for planetickets:
Lonodon 100 NOK (£10, €10, $15)
Spain 400 NOK (£40, €40, $57)

Do you travel alot? Does it cost much?
I think this was so cheap I didnt even hasitate!

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Hey guys.

I know there is a few music-related blogs these days, but it’s the most important thing, so I will have to let it be like that. When music is dominating in my life, i must write about it!

Well, the thing I wanted to share today was this.
I love lyrics. Behind every great song, there is great lyrics.
For me, lyrics is the best with every song. Really.

And now i found this new site! SongMeanings its called. Under the songs (i will not promise its under EVERY song) there is comments, where people try to explain the songs and the meaning behind them. I found this really helpfull with a few songs i was really uncurtain about!  People have different theories, and some people know stuff for a fact. So i loved it. Now i dont have to lay awake at night thinking about a songs meaning. Thats helpfull for my sleep 😉

If you have more places like this, where people LIVE for the lyrics. Please give me a comment 🙂

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The Script

I fell in love with The Script the minut I head them. I have to thank my very good friend Lou that introduced me to them. They have changed my life. They have changed the way I feel about music.

The Man Who Cant Be Moved stood out, together with Break Even.

I wanted to share with you some of the lyrics to Break Even. It’s just beautiful ❤

What am I suppose to do
When the best part of me was always you
What am I suppose to say
When I’m all choked up and your okay

Isn’t that the best thing you ever heard? and the sadest?
Wow. this band has not just blown my mind, but my heart and soul. I love them.

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Have you not yet heard about Spotify? Have you missed the BIG thing? Do not fear, I am here to help you 😉

So, spotify is this magnifisant program to play music from. You can think of it like a personal mp3 player, on your computer, which gets songs from the internett. So you dont have to have all the songs on your computer to take up alle of your space! And the best part about it, its COMPLETELY leagal! They have cooperations with the labels and they give you the songs, you just have to search for them.

So this is how you get it:
www.spotify.com is the site. You can download the player. But that wont get you places, cause this is an “invite” only now that it’s a beta. So after you download, you have to google for an invite kode, to make your user. Easy enough? Alot of people have invites, and give them away.  Good luck.

This is how you use it:
You search the millions of song for the songs you like, and click play. WOW. And you make lists, thats easy. You click “create list” and you drag songs into it. Then you share your list with people, and people share with you.
Then you visit: http://topsify.com/ to get “official” playlists. Like UK top 40, and stuff like that. And you can just play them, simple as that. There are alot of list-making-sites, but from the spotify blog i found 5 list making pages, and i found this most helpfull!

Extra stuff:
Spotify comes up as “show what im listening to” on you MSN.
Spotify is cooparative with last.fm, and scrobbels to your last.fm profil after you gave it your username and password.
If you have other people lists on your spotify, it gets updated automaticly every time you start your spotify program!

And now i thought i’d share with you my playlist (this only works if you have the program).
Karin’s Best of


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I haven’t had anything lately that wanted me to write anything. So that’s the only and the simple reason of my lack of posting. But today I have seen a video that got me totally excited again. 

This video is from SoarOfTheConchords and is a music video with one of The All-American Rejects songs from their new album, “When The World Comes Down”, which will be out in the stores 16th of December. 

First of all, Alex has done a GREAT job on this video. Used alot of time, and the result is excellent. I favorited it myself, and have watched it many times. The song is great, and the filming is basic and simple. The result is, as I said: Excellent. 

Second of all. This is the first really GOOD video by Alex since i first subscribed to him. He had this character named Kyle, which one a competition by Andrew Bravner. And because of that video I subscribed. I think lately it has been alot of not-so-good videos. But this one is over the top. Really great job!

Third of all, it made me want to by the album. I haven’t even heard about them comming out with a new album, and i think that is kind of weird. But anyway, now i have. Now i like. Now i will.

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Going CD/DVD shopping?

Gym Class Heroes’ new cd is called The Quilt and will be in stores september 9th. I alreaddy preordered it, and as you may know I’m going to their show in London 17th of september.

The interessting part about this is how cheap I got the CD. On the regular store in norway it would cost me €15 ($30) to get it sent home to me in the mail. I have completely stopped using the norwegian cd/dvd shops and traded them in for places in the UK that send them for free. The pund is low and the delivery is free, how much better can it get? Well, by being a member of CDWOW.com you get free vouchers in the mail every now and again. I just got €3 ponds off my very new cd and it only cost me €4,99. I must say. That is 1/3 of the price i would by it for in Norway.

Another great site is play.com, I have found them to be cheaper than cdwow alot of times, but they are not giving out vouchers, so Cdwow is the place i ordered this from.

I really suggest you check out these sites if you live in europe!

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The Veronicas

Borrowed from last.fm

Borrowed from last.fm

If you want some music, these two girls are worth a listen! I really like their album “Hook me up” (2007). These girls are identical twins, and their voices are awesome. They can remind you somewhat of Paramore.

They are in the category Pop / rock / and is really singable!! Which is something I love. Just screaming and singing to the music.

Three songs i want to recommend:
Take me on the floor.
Revenge is Sweeter (Than you ever were)

You can listen to some of their old songs here:

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