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Have you not yet heard about Spotify? Have you missed the BIG thing? Do not fear, I am here to help you ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, spotify is this magnifisant program to play music from. You can think of it like a personal mp3 player, on your computer, which gets songs from the internett. So you dont have to have all the songs on your computer to take up alle of your space! And the best part about it, its COMPLETELY leagal! They have cooperations with the labels and they give you the songs, you just have to search for them.

So this is how you get it:
www.spotify.com is the site. You can download the player. But that wont get you places, cause this is an “invite” only now that it’s a beta. So after you download, you have to google for an invite kode, to make your user. Easy enough? Alot of people have invites, and give them away.ย  Good luck.

This is how you use it:
You search the millions of song for the songs you like, and click play. WOW. And you make lists, thats easy. You click “create list” and you drag songs into it. Then you share your list with people, and people share with you.
Then you visit: http://topsify.com/ to get “official” playlists. Like UK top 40, and stuff like that. And you can just play them, simple as that. There are alot of list-making-sites, but from the spotify blog i found 5 list making pages, and i found this most helpfull!

Extra stuff:
Spotify comes up as “show what im listening to” on you MSN.
Spotify is cooparative with last.fm, and scrobbels to your last.fm profil after you gave it your username and password.
If you have other people lists on your spotify, it gets updated automaticly every time you start your spotify program!

And now i thought i’d share with you my playlist (this only works if you have the program).
Karin’s Best of


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I haven’t had anything lately that wanted me to write anything. So that’s the only and the simple reason of my lack of posting. But today I have seen a video that got me totally excited again.ย 

This video is from SoarOfTheConchordsย and is a music video with one of The All-American Rejects songs from their new album, “When The World Comes Down”, which will be out in the stores 16th of December.ย 

First of all, Alex has done a GREAT job on this video. Used alot of time, and the result is excellent. I favorited it myself, and have watched it many times. The song is great, and the filming is basic and simple. The result is, as I said: Excellent.ย 

Second of all. This is the first really GOOD video by Alex since i first subscribed to him. He had this character named Kyle, which one a competition by Andrew Bravner. And because of that video I subscribed. I think lately it has been alot of not-so-good videos. But this one is over the top. Really great job!

Third of all, it made me want to by the album. I haven’t even heard about them comming out with a new album, and i think that is kind of weird. But anyway, now i have. Now i like. Now i will.

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What im doing

Hello readers!

I dont know if this is what you would want to read about in a blog, but i thought i would give you some update on my life, since im not talking much on blogtv, youtube or here. So however you knowme, or even if you dont know me, you might want to know why I am silent.

I just got a new job. So i have 2 jobs now, which both places need me to work alot. My old job has a lot of people who are sick, so i have to step in and do alot there. And the new job, has longer working hours, so i get to work on evenings! All this im doing next to school. School is 5 days a week, and with that comes alot of homework. So thats making me exhausted! Really!

My internett is not working with blogtv at this time, I dont know why. I will try to fix it when i have the time. I miss you crienteam โค

I have uploaded a new video to the CrienAndRob channel on youtube, and I have just uploaded a new video to my own channel aswell. I had some trouble, cause I thought the “Are you alone” video was hard to top. But i just foud out, that i cant top every video i make, that would be hard. So i made one, inspired by a sentece Payton said in the first episode of One Tree Hill that just aired.

Now you guys know that! And you can still follow me on twitter if you want to know what im up to, when im to buzy doing this! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Talk to you all later.

less than three.

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Green Song

If you push this little thingy called greensong; you will se a recording from one of my live shows.
I’m usually on at night time for me, which is like 11pm – 03am GMT+1 (you do the math ๐Ÿ˜‰

We have fun! And we made up to almost 100 viewers yesterday, all just having fun, singing, dancing, headstanding, discussing, talking bullcrap, and getting to know each other.

You should stop by some time?

Leave a comment, or just watch, or talk with us! ๐Ÿ˜€

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Tired of making videos for nothing? Now you can make videos for a reason. To comptete in competitions and win honor and glory and maybe fame?

Ibeatyou.com has done exactly this. There is new competitions every day, created by users, and you vote and comment and you win or don’t!

You can even challenge Jessica Alba. She has a profile, and has won ALOT of competitions. (I don’t know if you can see her profile if you don registrer, but anyway).

There’s also some youtube celebreties. Like Kevjumba.

Challenge me? Challenge the world. ibeatyou.com

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Firefox’s spellcheck

omg. I have had firefox since I cant even remember. And i type in English even though it’s not my first language, and ofcourse I will write some word wrong and stuff… but that was until my very very good friend Endre made me see the light. The Spell Check Add-on. I don’t know whyย  I haven’t seen this before. But now I have it. I will not make more of the SERIOUSLY HORRIBLE faults like “cofie” haha ๐Ÿ˜›

Do you not have this yet?ย  Just right-click where you type, and you will find some helpfull thing to click on ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Most googled words?

These words that I post, are words that apparently is googled alot.

sexy paris hilton american idol wrestling random secret level ending sonic incredible ps3 ps2 how to fix asian pride fight ownage owned own3d pwned pwn3d pwnage special move crazy mortal kombat skill mexican carlos mencia samoa shit poop crap WTF yo mama momma jokes diablo lol ROFL money price world of warcraft imp character class final fantasy metal gear solid car toyota iPod mini nano big giant

and ofcourse, the list continues… but my question is this:

Did you google any of these words when you first found my blog?

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