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Thumb Wrestling

Haha. Isn’t this the coolest thing you’ve seen today?
I must say, it would have been pretty-cool to own one of these, so when you are having a thumb-wrestling match, you can actually have the right gear 😉

Anyone know if or where you can buy it?

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Vans of the Wall

The hunt has begun. 47 people, with shoes like me, shall be found.

Do you have these shoes? Do you know anyone who has these shoes? let me know.
I got them for my 20th birthday, and the salesman told my mum that only 48 other pares has been made. So that means, that 47 other people out there in the world has these shoes (if not the stores still have them).

I want to find these people so we can mark our shoes with numbers. That would have been awesome, and its something vans should have done in the first place, but now its much more fun!

If you have these shoes, send me a link of your shoes, and you. Or videorespond to my youtube video of me with these shoes “The People Hunt” is it called, or send me an email.

I need to find you 😀

Description: The shoes are plastic-ish. So they are made for walking in the rain. They are blue with sparke. On the side they are white with silver sparkle. They have blue and white checkerboard inside!

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Most googled words?

These words that I post, are words that apparently is googled alot.

sexy paris hilton american idol wrestling random secret level ending sonic incredible ps3 ps2 how to fix asian pride fight ownage owned own3d pwned pwn3d pwnage special move crazy mortal kombat skill mexican carlos mencia samoa shit poop crap WTF yo mama momma jokes diablo lol ROFL money price world of warcraft imp character class final fantasy metal gear solid car toyota iPod mini nano big giant

and ofcourse, the list continues… but my question is this:

Did you google any of these words when you first found my blog?

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The Banana

A Banana

When I was in London I came across this banana in a Marks & Spencer store… and my questions are:

How is this going to hang in a tree?
Are all british bananas like this?
Did someone CUT the tup off?
Is it natural?
IS this a fake banana?

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