Restaurant visit

Hello read readers. I know it’s a long time inbetween all my posts, but to my defence, there has been a few Youtube videos resently! But, to the point:

I went out to a restaurant a week ago, and I thought I would share some expenses with you, just so you get an overview of a few stuff. I went to Yaya’s, it’s a thai-restaurant. They have 3 restaurants, and are always very booked. This restaurant was at next to Stortinget. (59.911904,10.737737 in google.maps).

My order
Main Dish,with Scampi and chashew nuts. Rise on the side.  146,-
Dessert, fried banana with vanilla ice cream. 49,-
Black Coffe 19,-
Water to drink, free.

I usually order water at restaurants, because sodas and beer and other stuff is always way overprised.
So, total, this came to 214,-

I thouth this resturant was extreemly nice. The interior was awesome, the vaitor was really nice and best of all, the food tasted awesome. And I didnt think the price was bad, very good actually. 🙂

Happy eating!


I have said too much when people have asked me, that I don’t think Oslo is pretty. And I’ve always thought that Oslo was an ugly city that I never wanted to live in. I never understood why people would come here to visit! Until now.

I just moved to Oslo, 2 weeks ago. (I’ve lived outside of Oslo my entire life). It’s not until now, when I take the busses and trams in Oslo that I really get to see everything and how beautiful it really is.

This Friday, our last school assignment was to go to Vigelandsparken, to look at ALL the statues. We were going to take our time, and really look at it all and see how it was all created. The park, the statues, the surroundings. I WAS STARSTRUCK. Everything was so beautiful and i simply loved it. So if you are going to Oslo, please stop by Vigelandsparken/frognerparken!

Press the picture to see more photos!


Walked passed some russ today! And thought I’d share it with you!

Russ in Norway can theoretically do what they want, where they want and how they want. When they are wearing their russ-pants ^^ nothing is unexpected!

These guys let me take their picture when they were hanging out on the floor in the main train station in Oslo! I didn’t ask them why!

Red Man Means Walk

Just thought i’d inform you on a “law” in Norway! Or actually a non-law..

It’s not illegal to walk on a red light.

Norway is the only country in Europe where this is the fact. Nothing happens if we walk on red light. And if a car hits us it’s their fault.

Weird right?
They are considering changing the law these days though.. But I don’t know what happens!

Some of you wanted to know how much snow was left here in Norway! I can ofcourse just talk for where I live!

This is the snow that’s left outside my door and window!

(Noen av dere ville vite hvor mye snø det var igjen i Norge! Jeg kan selvfølgelig bare snakke for hvor jeg bor!

Dette er snøen som er igjen utenfor døren min og vinduet!)

Memories in ruins

Did you know that my childhood school burned down?
(visste du at min barndomsskole brant ned?)
I went there for 6 whole years!
(jeg gikk der i 6 hele år!)
And now everything burned down, all my memories.
(og nå har alt brent ned, alle mine minner)
It was sad to see it all on the ground…
(det var trist å se alt på bakken)

How is your school(s) doing?
(Hvordan har din(e) skole(r) det?)

Norwegian “Fashion”

These past months there’s a new trend in Norway. It started a few months before christmas, and has really expanded ALOT since then.  I will just show you, it’s called a One-Piece:

They look ugly, huh? ^^
Well, it’s what everyone has, and if your living in a place with alot of tourism, you might have seen a norwegian walking around in one of these. Me personally wont walk in public with this, without a jacket (atleast now.. i might after a while.. ^^). I’ve actually seen a norwegian walkin in Oxfordstreet with a grey Onepiece with a norwegian flag on it ^^

Who: They are huge among bloggers, teenage girls, well, that was the beginning, now everyone has them. Because the Norwegian Blog Princess (Her name is Voe), she advertizes alot for this product and has alot of them. And therefore everyone wants them. Everyone wants to buy, and everyone wants to sell. So there is not only this brand, Onepiece, there are sold everywhere now, mostly online.

Price: They are expencieve. From 1000-1500 was the first once. Now cheaper stores have begun selling them for about 600… But the mostselling brand is above 1000 NOK. Thats alot, but everyone is willing to pay.

Dont I look cute tough? ^^

(Places that sell the pieces: Onepiece, heltdress, illusions, theres probably more, but these are the once that advertize well^^)