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I thought this might be useful if any of you where traveling to Norway and wanted to drink and go out!

Vorspiel is a very useful thing we do in Norway, it is German and pretty much means the party before the party (any Germans out there who have the correct translation?)  Anyway, we do this mainly because it is to expensive to drink all your drinks out on a club or a bar, so you buysome before you go out and drink it with your friends.

Then the places of alcohol-buying in Norway. The general Grocery Stores in Norway only sell beer, cider, rusbrus(ready mixed drinkes in bottles). And the volume of alcohol is no higher than 4-5 %. If you want wine, licure, spirits, and that’s sort of stuff, you have to go to Vinmonopolet, they are pretty much located some places close to you (but not as close as the grocery store.

The time of buying. You have to time your buying, all alcohol-sale ends at general stores ends at 8 PM, Monday-Fridays, and at 6 on Saturdays. All sales at Vinmonopolet ends at 6 PM Monday-Fridays and 3 PM on saturdays. All alcohol buying is closed on Sundays, even if you find an open store!

The Age-limit. You have to be 18 or older to buy drinks with an alcohold % over 22%. This includes all drinks a general stores, most wines and some mixed drinks at Vinmonopolet.  The age-limit for alcohol above 22 %, you have to be 20 years old. You have to show ID at Vinmonopolet without being asked for it if you are under the age of 25 (they actually gave you a lollypop for a while if you remembered to show it before they had to ask you^^).

Tip! If you are a little late (like most norwegians when the sale is about to end) there is going to be a line of people wanting to buy some beers at the last minut, the only thing is, it doesnt matter if you where in the store, or grabbed the beer before 6 PM, you have to have them registered before that time or it will not registrer and you will not get to buy any beer. This is an automatic thing and you can not argue.

Hope this wass helpful 😉

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