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Studies = Worries


How do you know you chose the right subject to study? How will you know when you have never worked with it? 

Did it take you multiple tries to figure out what you want to do in life? Have you done the first thing you thought of for your entire life? 

Did you go to another country to study? Far away from all your friends and family? Did you start over? Did you do it in a foreign language?

I have all these questions in my head. Some people say I should change my major all the time. That I should just keep going and when I’m finished i will be happy.  And some people encourage me to change, do what is right for me in the moment. 

I get confused. I dont know what to do or where to go. I don’t have only myself to consider either. And I dont know actually what I want. I am just in the starting face of knowing what I like. 

From education studies, to economics. Yeah, huge difference. Well, now, through my bloging, vlogging and broadcasting, can you guess what i thought of? 


It is extreemly hard to come in to journalism schools in Norway. I dont have a shot, in a million. But it seems interessting. It seems like what i should do. 

You people who have seen my live shows on blogtv, or seen my thoughts on youtube, or even you, who are reading my blogs; Do you think this might be it?

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What im doing

Hello readers!

I dont know if this is what you would want to read about in a blog, but i thought i would give you some update on my life, since im not talking much on blogtv, youtube or here. So however you knowme, or even if you dont know me, you might want to know why I am silent.

I just got a new job. So i have 2 jobs now, which both places need me to work alot. My old job has a lot of people who are sick, so i have to step in and do alot there. And the new job, has longer working hours, so i get to work on evenings! All this im doing next to school. School is 5 days a week, and with that comes alot of homework. So thats making me exhausted! Really!

My internett is not working with blogtv at this time, I dont know why. I will try to fix it when i have the time. I miss you crienteam ❤

I have uploaded a new video to the CrienAndRob channel on youtube, and I have just uploaded a new video to my own channel aswell. I had some trouble, cause I thought the “Are you alone” video was hard to top. But i just foud out, that i cant top every video i make, that would be hard. So i made one, inspired by a sentece Payton said in the first episode of One Tree Hill that just aired.

Now you guys know that! And you can still follow me on twitter if you want to know what im up to, when im to buzy doing this! 😉 Talk to you all later.

less than three.

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Green Song

If you push this little thingy called greensong; you will se a recording from one of my live shows.
I’m usually on at night time for me, which is like 11pm – 03am GMT+1 (you do the math 😉

We have fun! And we made up to almost 100 viewers yesterday, all just having fun, singing, dancing, headstanding, discussing, talking bullcrap, and getting to know each other.

You should stop by some time?

Leave a comment, or just watch, or talk with us! 😀

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