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How is your work?

My work is rather great actually. Last night there was a birthday party. To people turning 50. There was an HUGE ammount of food, dobble amount of cakes, and to much candy for a whole school to eat. My job was to serve the food, and drinks, and cake and candy. While they ate, I could eat to. Thats what i did. I ate and I ate. And this i made money on? I would be happy if they paid me in food!

This was heaven for me. And the people was so nice, and the kids didnt cry at all. So we were just sitting in the back waiting for something to clean up.

Played some rummy, and ate some more fruit and potatochips. haha.

I’m so happy with my job.

How is your job treating you? Do you look forward to going to work? Do you make enough money? Are you satisfied?

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