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I was thinking I might update you on my music likings!

I come across this band.. that I should have listened to a while ago, but I didnt. But now I have!
Cartel is the band. I have just had the time to listen to their self title album (but i will Cartelgive the others a listen too.. soon). In this album i really loved 2 song. Thats the two songs that has been on my mind. Gorgia and The Fortunate. Give them a listen!

The other I want to mention is Cute is What We Aim For‘s new cd: Rotation. I just got it in the mail and i really like it!
The songs that I noticed on this album are: The Lock Down Denial and Do What You Do.

If you click the links of the bands you will get to PureVolume and there you can listen to some of their songs.. Cartel’s profile has the two songs i love but not CIWWAF.

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