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I have said too much when people have asked me, that I don’t think Oslo is pretty. And I’ve always thought that Oslo was an ugly city that I never wanted to live in. I never understood why people would come here to visit! Until now.

I just moved to Oslo, 2 weeks ago. (I’ve lived outside of Oslo my entire life). It’s not until now, when I take the busses and trams in Oslo that I really get to see everything and how beautiful it really is.

This Friday, our last school assignment was to go to Vigelandsparken, to look at ALL the statues. We were going to take our time, and really look at it all and see how it was all created. The park, the statues, the surroundings. I WAS STARSTRUCK. Everything was so beautiful and i simply loved it. So if you are going to Oslo, please stop by Vigelandsparken/frognerparken!

Press the picture to see more photos!

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In coffeeshops in Norway, you will have a lot of options. Its not only the regular black coffee, the latte and the cappuchino available for you. Oh no.

Like starbucks and problably many other coffeshops there are syrup available in different flavor, caramel, hazelnut and vanilla are the most common once, including mocha ofcourse.

Well, in shops in Norway you might get a lot bigger varieties of syrups, in a lot of different flavour, which you can add to your preferably latte, but also cappuchino. On this picture you see Coconut, Irish Cream, Orange, Cinnamon among others. You may pick one, or you may mix them together to make a rather interessting type of latte.

There are also sauses, which are used in the same way.

Try a “Jamaica” and mic cinnamon and vanilla, or a Bounty (coconut & Chocolat)? Or my personal favourite, Caramel, Irish Cream, Chocolate and Hazelnut? ^^ Does it get to sweet for you, ask for another shot of espresso!

Regular prices of lattes with syrups, from 35-50 NOK! Enjoy!

edit: After comments, I wanted to show you how the lattes with syrup is made and served. So i made little picture-strip!

1. Add the selected syrup (In this case: caramel, white and dark chocolat)
2. Add espresso.
3. Up to here (double shot).
4. Add milk.
5. Voíla!

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Prices is Norway

Travelers to Norway are having a hard time in knowing how much money to bring. Well, I’ll try to give you a chanse here. If you go to Norway for a holiday, you can’t spend your meals out. I know lots of you are used to having your dinner and lunch out, but in Norway this is TOO expencieve. I will give you some prices on everyday food, and some on what the prices are eating out.

A few Years back we got a new brand in Norway, called First Price. They sell everything at a cheaper rate than usual, and are sold in most foodstores.
You get more for less, and is a great tip on everyone comming to Norway. Not everything is as good as the “real” products, but a lot of them are!

10 NOK (Norwegian Kroner) is at this date:
$ 1,70
£ 1,00
€ 1,20

Bread – 25 NOK
Milk (1 liter) – 12 NOK
Ham (150g) – 20 NOK
Cheese (500g) – 50 NOK
Eggs (18 pack) – 30 NOK
Jam – 30 NOK
Cereal – 20 – 40 NOK

Chocolat (150 g) – 30 NOK
Potatochips – 30 NOK
Soda (o,5 liter)- 15 NOK

Café/Restaurant (Everything is cheaper if you have it to go! Tax reduction)
Coffee Latte – 40 NOK
Black Coffee – 20 NOK
Cake   – 50 NOK
Toast – 30/40 NOK
Salad – 70 NOK
Pizza (eating out, sharing) – 250 NOK
Mc Donalds Bigmac meal – 80 NOK
Soda 30 NOK

Cinema ticket – 100 NOK
Popcorn and Soda (At cinema) – 80 NOK

Buss ticket (local) – 25 NOK
Buss over different zones (Local)- 50 NOK
Train from Oslo to Kristiansand – 1200 NOK (You can be lucky if you book in advance and get a MiniPrice ticket for half the price).

Well, this was all my head could come up with today, just leave comments and I will try to put everything in this post as we go along. 🙂
I’m sorry it’s all so expencieve ^^

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