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Going CD/DVD shopping?

Gym Class Heroes’ new cd is called The Quilt and will be in stores september 9th. I alreaddy preordered it, and as you may know I’m going to their show in London 17th of september.

The interessting part about this is how cheap I got the CD. On the regular store in norway it would cost me €15 ($30) to get it sent home to me in the mail. I have completely stopped using the norwegian cd/dvd shops and traded them in for places in the UK that send them for free. The pund is low and the delivery is free, how much better can it get? Well, by being a member of CDWOW.com you get free vouchers in the mail every now and again. I just got €3 ponds off my very new cd and it only cost me €4,99. I must say. That is 1/3 of the price i would by it for in Norway.

Another great site is play.com, I have found them to be cheaper than cdwow alot of times, but they are not giving out vouchers, so Cdwow is the place i ordered this from.

I really suggest you check out these sites if you live in europe!

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Im subscribing to Fueled By Ramen’s channel on youtube, and its quite clever of me. I just saw Gym Class Heroes’s new video. The song is on the new CD which isn’t to be released before 9th of september. Through that site I also got a tip that another new song, called “the Cookie Jar” was released on Purevolume. To here the song click here. And just press play on the song!  It’s actually a great place to follow up on a few of my bands.

I’ll be going to their concert in London, Astoria 2, on the 18th of September! I cant wait! I just hope I get the tickets in time 😛 Sending them all the way to Norway might be tricky!

Here’s the new video:

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