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Even thought this is not my “Movie of the month” post i had to write about this movie, as I did one the Narnia movie. This post has no spoilers, so do not be concerned about that when you read 🙂

I saw this the day after the Norwegian Premiere.

The Dark Night

I loved this movie. This is the best movie I’ve seen in a long time! I just have to say this first, ’cause alot of people seem to think that I hate it, after telling you what im about to.

This movie made me feel emotions I’ve never felt during a movie in my entire life. I wanted to cry, but i couldn’t. I wanted to scream, but i didn’t. And I got sick to my stomach. The best word to describe my feelings is: disturbed. I felt disturbed inside both during and after this movie. At the end I started to shake. I dont know exactly what in the movie made me shake, but I couldnt stop until an hour after the movie or something. It was totally weird.

Now to the part I really wanted to talk about. This is JUST SOMETHING I’VE HEARD. Do not take this for facts, because I dont know if it is. But I’ve heard that Heath Ledger committed suicide (as I said, this may not be facts) because of how the role as the Joker affected him. That the role was so disturbing, depressing and confusing that it affected his real life. If this is the truth, I have the deepest understanding. I felt the same thing after seeing this movie, and he was actually playing the part. He had to live as the Joker, I only had to see him.

I needed to say that. And I gave the movie a 10 on imdb. The reason is not the Heath Ledger is dead. It’s not for compassion or condolences. It is simply because the movie is AWESOME. It has everything. The actors are doing an extremely good job, and I was not bored once during this movie. It is very action-filled, and sad and twisted. The ending is awesome, and I could not guess what was going to happen, I do not think that I ever could… It was weird.

I have to see this again, soon. And i will buy it, when it comes.

Great job everyone!

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