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I finally saw the movie. I guess the only push i needed was imdb pushing me. Cause now the movie is at 1st place at imdb. And OMG it soooooo deserves it. I can see why it has topped the Godfather (Dont hate me now). Just hear me out: This movie appeals to more people, so more people watch it, and rate it. And that why its on top.

I dont know why i haven’t seen such a popular film before now, it only took me 14 years. Haha. But im so glad i got to see a REAL good movie though. The only bad thing, I saw it AFTER I saw Prison Break, and that kind of ruined things for me, but anyway.

This movie is about a guy who gets sent to prison for a crime (killing is wife and his lover) he says he didn’t do! And what happens in prison, and the life in prison. GO WATCH IT NOW! And please comment back what you thought of the movie. All spoilers will be deleted 😉

These are the ratings from imdb, as you see, people LOVE this. I guess the almost 13k who voted it a 1, has no clue about what a good movie is, or they just want the Godfather to be number one at the list. Those people ruin the whole system. But anyway.

This movie has Morgan Freeman in one of the lead roles, and he plays it goooood.  THis will also be the movie of the month, i can say that withoug blinking, even though its still half the month left.

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