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Sorry about this being a bit late, but here goes:

My list of seen movies this month. Some of them are old movies I never saw, and some are movies I saw at the cinema, you’ll understand which one’s are which.

  • Filmer:
  • Princ Caspian
  • The Happenening
  • Breakfast at tiffanys
  • Hencock
  • Mamma mia
  • Three men and a baby
  • Three men and a young lady
  • Shooter
  • The Dark Knight
  • Kung fu Panda

I have no choise but to say that The Dark Knight is the best movie i saw this month. It was so good i had to write a post about it 😛

Just to say a big about the other movies as well:

Mamma Mia was sweet, you went out of the cinema with a happy feeling. 🙂 Worth a watch!

Hancock, I loved it. Will Smith is cool. Kind of a “the incredibles” in a non-animation style 😉

, exciting, thrilling, twists and turns. Really cool!

The Happening, not worth watching. The only cool thing about it, is the way people die…

Kung Fu Panda, Quite funny movie, but with a small plot i though. You laugh pretty hard some places 😉

The links are to Imdb, if you are not femiliar with this site, you should click it and you will love it. Everything about every movie ever made is there. All actors and everything! Love it.
And btw, The Darkn Knight is #1 at imdb’s top 250 list, it actually topped the God Father 😉 haha, thats awesome!

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