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So alot of you guys have asked how my trip to New York City was. Well I’m just about to tell you!

It was so much fun I didn’t want to leave! I saw alot of cool and typical american stuff (Except Poptarts, seriously, i think they were hiding them from me). Well, I even ate sweet caramelizes popcorn! (We don’t have that stuff in Norway).

I visited the Museum of Sex, The Empire State Building and Central Park.
I took the free ferry to Staten Island to get a closer look at The Statue of Liberty!
I went to a Broadway show: The Little Murmaid. Oh so many memories from my childhood! And on first row! It was awesome!
I went shopping everywhere! (And spent a little more money than I should have).
I took the City Tour Sightseeing bus!
I ate at Hard Rock Café, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, TGI Fridays and Planet Hollywood.
Got invited to a private screener for The Hangover! It was awesom to see it one day before everyone else!

Well, now to my REAL reason for blogging today.
I travel. A LOT.
Yesterday i ordered 2 plane tickets to London. Because I’m going to see The Fray in London at the 20th of October!
And just today, I ordered plane tickets to Spain.. to just, relax, get a tan, eat and drink and be with my friends. I’ll miss the first two days of my new school year.. but I though it was worth it.. One week in heaven. Srsly. I cant wait.

Prices for planetickets:
Lonodon 100 NOK (£10, €10, $15)
Spain 400 NOK (£40, €40, $57)

Do you travel alot? Does it cost much?
I think this was so cheap I didnt even hasitate!

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I was just in London, as you might alreaddy know. And there I bought among other things, a book. A PostSecret book, by Frank Warren. I have posted a few post of postcards from the internett site before: www.postsecret.com. I have also gone to amazon.com and play.com and I almost order all the books everytime. But the shipping and the prices is to high, so it just never happens. But now since i was in london, i went by this bookstore and I asked the man behind the counter for Frank Warren Post Secret books, and they had one!

Its just a small one. Small enough so i can have it with me anywhere actually. Just a little bigger than a bundle of postcards, and i love it. Now i can be sentimental everywhere. ‘Cause thats what these secrets do to me. Some of them even make me cry :/ I like that!

From Amazon.co.uk

Do you like postsecret? Have you ever sent in a secret? Own a book?

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