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I just stumbled upon this site called “onesentance.org“, and this one sentence caught my attention.

I know how this girl feels, and I can’t even imagining how this boy felt. Not being able to be a fiction character. I know boys must hate Edward, cause he isn’t real, and he does and is how no boy could ever be able to be. Cause he isn’t real.

But that makes him more fantasizeable, cause he is the ultimate boy, the boy every girl wants. Or at least a lot of girls.

I’m not saying im on the girl’s side here. Cause destroying a relationship over a fiction character is quite extreme. But i know how she feels, cause i know what I think about Edward. Omg, Edward is h0t 😛

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This post is about the first four books in the Twilight series.

If you dont know what this is please continue reading. If you are sick and tired of this book and all the fuss around them, you can stop now.

Since I come from a land far far away, we are a little late in the books/movies/TV from the states. I have just recently read the first book, even though the series is finished, and i have three more to read.

I first heard about this book through Youtube, of course, where else?  And I am soooo glad i did.

This is a romantic book between a girl and a vampire boy. All the challenges this meets and how incredible strong their love is despite their differences.

I don’t know where in the world you are form, or if you are speak one of the 38 languages this book has been translated. You may never have heard of it, and if that is correct, its YOU I’m writing this post to.

This book took me by surprised. I was stuck to the book for a week since i got it. I was shocking how i just LOVED it. I fell for everything. This author, Stephanie Meyer, knows herself, she knows what girls want in a boy and what a boy should say to make a girl melt and shake.

It is kind of dangerous, since you will be comparing all other boys to the main boy in this book, Edward Cullen. You will never find him. Just as simple as i can say, you will never find a vampire. But what do I know? right?  We don’t know what’s hiding in the darkness.

All boys, This is was you guys call a girls book, a book full of clichés. You are so right. This has everything you guys hate. But I do have one theory. If you read this book, and study Edward Cullen, and the things he say, and the little details he does. You will know what you need to understand women. I believe so. Get on with it 😉

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How do you… die?

From Postsecret.com

From Postsecret.com

How you ever wondered how you will die? Ever thought about when it will happen? Will it be fast and painless, slow and hard? Will you be alone or will you have the one you love by your side?

– There was a time in my life i thought much about this. I was scared I would be alone, I was scared I hadn’t done enough to get remembered by anyone. I was scared of death.

– And then there came a time where I didn’t care. I wrote this note and put it in my wallet, it was something like this: “It’s Ok, I was ready to die”. That note was meant to be read by the people who might hit me with a car so they would know i was ready to die, and they should have no hard feelings. Sad you say? Maybe weird? Well, thats what I felt at the time.

– Then a third perspective came along, when I met my boyfriend. Another scary thought came over me. What if he dies before me? What will I do then? Will I be alone? Will I manage to survive without him? I didn’t think i would, and I cried myself to sleep at night praying we would die together when we had lived long and good lives, together.

All this is over. I know now that there is NOTHING I can do about death. Not the timing, not the way it will be, or if I will be alone, or leave loved once alone when I go. When I go, I believe it will be my time, and all I can do, is be a little careful when I drive a car or walk over the road, I can choose not to smoke or do drugs, and that’s about it.

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Are you alone?

Did you ever think about this?

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