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Post Secret

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Have you heard of post secret?  If not, you really should continue reading!
Post Secret is started by Frank Warren, and to make it short, now people send him postcards with secrets of their own. Just to tell the secret to someone, totally anonymously, and just to get it of their chest and to tell the secret to them self. There is books out with tons of these postcards in them and there is movies at youtube!  You can also visit www.postsecret.com to read some of these postcards. They are moving, sad, some are funny, but they seem honest.


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To Write Love On Her Arms

So at the consert i stumblet across alot of t-shirts where “To Write Love On Her Arms” was written. I didn’t know what that was all about but I kind of loved the sound of that, so I had to check it out. So the first thing I did when I got home to Norway was to google it. Which lead me to To Write Love On Her Arms Website. Where I found a story about a 19 year old girl who was a drug addict and was suicidal. This story really moved me. I almost cried.

To write love on her arms is a way of showing people in need love. You need to put love on their arms so they will remember that love is the way out of trouble. Love is hope and hope is everything. “on her arms” part is from this guy who always wrote things to remember on his arms, so the person which started all of this wrote “love” on his arm to always remember to love.

As I said, this really moved me. And appearently it is really big in the USA. But I dont think it’s that known in Europe… maybe in Britain, but anyway. I had never heard of it before. And i think everyone should check out the website. I just ordered a T-shirt:

To Write Love On Her Arms T-Shirt

And with that $24 I support young people with depression, suicide and drugproblems. I really think thats great. The person who started all this, Jamie Tworkowski, does not benefit from any of the money they get.

So now, I have desiced to write love on my arm. So I will always remember to meet people with love. And that love is hope, and hope is everything.

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