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I finally saw the movie. I guess the only push i needed was imdb pushing me. Cause now the movie is at 1st place at imdb. And OMG it soooooo deserves it. I can see why it has topped the Godfather (Dont hate me now). Just hear me out: This movie appeals to more people, so more people watch it, and rate it. And that why its on top.

I dont know why i haven’t seen such a popular film before now, it only took me 14 years. Haha. But im so glad i got to see a REAL good movie though. The only bad thing, I saw it AFTER I saw Prison Break, and that kind of ruined things for me, but anyway.

This movie is about a guy who gets sent to prison for a crime (killing is wife and his lover) he says he didn’t do! And what happens in prison, and the life in prison. GO WATCH IT NOW! And please comment back what you thought of the movie. All spoilers will be deleted 😉

These are the ratings from imdb, as you see, people LOVE this. I guess the almost 13k who voted it a 1, has no clue about what a good movie is, or they just want the Godfather to be number one at the list. Those people ruin the whole system. But anyway.

This movie has Morgan Freeman in one of the lead roles, and he plays it goooood.  THis will also be the movie of the month, i can say that withoug blinking, even though its still half the month left.

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Sorry about this being a bit late, but here goes:

My list of seen movies this month. Some of them are old movies I never saw, and some are movies I saw at the cinema, you’ll understand which one’s are which.

  • Filmer:
  • Princ Caspian
  • The Happenening
  • Breakfast at tiffanys
  • Hencock
  • Mamma mia
  • Three men and a baby
  • Three men and a young lady
  • Shooter
  • The Dark Knight
  • Kung fu Panda

I have no choise but to say that The Dark Knight is the best movie i saw this month. It was so good i had to write a post about it 😛

Just to say a big about the other movies as well:

Mamma Mia was sweet, you went out of the cinema with a happy feeling. 🙂 Worth a watch!

Hancock, I loved it. Will Smith is cool. Kind of a “the incredibles” in a non-animation style 😉

, exciting, thrilling, twists and turns. Really cool!

The Happening, not worth watching. The only cool thing about it, is the way people die…

Kung Fu Panda, Quite funny movie, but with a small plot i though. You laugh pretty hard some places 😉

The links are to Imdb, if you are not femiliar with this site, you should click it and you will love it. Everything about every movie ever made is there. All actors and everything! Love it.
And btw, The Darkn Knight is #1 at imdb’s top 250 list, it actually topped the God Father 😉 haha, thats awesome!

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Even thought this is not my “Movie of the month” post i had to write about this movie, as I did one the Narnia movie. This post has no spoilers, so do not be concerned about that when you read 🙂

I saw this the day after the Norwegian Premiere.

The Dark Night

I loved this movie. This is the best movie I’ve seen in a long time! I just have to say this first, ’cause alot of people seem to think that I hate it, after telling you what im about to.

This movie made me feel emotions I’ve never felt during a movie in my entire life. I wanted to cry, but i couldn’t. I wanted to scream, but i didn’t. And I got sick to my stomach. The best word to describe my feelings is: disturbed. I felt disturbed inside both during and after this movie. At the end I started to shake. I dont know exactly what in the movie made me shake, but I couldnt stop until an hour after the movie or something. It was totally weird.

Now to the part I really wanted to talk about. This is JUST SOMETHING I’VE HEARD. Do not take this for facts, because I dont know if it is. But I’ve heard that Heath Ledger committed suicide (as I said, this may not be facts) because of how the role as the Joker affected him. That the role was so disturbing, depressing and confusing that it affected his real life. If this is the truth, I have the deepest understanding. I felt the same thing after seeing this movie, and he was actually playing the part. He had to live as the Joker, I only had to see him.

I needed to say that. And I gave the movie a 10 on imdb. The reason is not the Heath Ledger is dead. It’s not for compassion or condolences. It is simply because the movie is AWESOME. It has everything. The actors are doing an extremely good job, and I was not bored once during this movie. It is very action-filled, and sad and twisted. The ending is awesome, and I could not guess what was going to happen, I do not think that I ever could… It was weird.

I have to see this again, soon. And i will buy it, when it comes.

Great job everyone!

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Narnia – Prince Caspian

Book vs. Movie

If you have not yet seen the film nor read the book, and do not want to know anything about it, i suggest you stop reading now.

For you other, super-cool-alreaddy-watched-it-and-read-the-book-twice-people, i have a few things to say:

I just say the movie, cause it didnt come to the cinemas in norway until 2. july… so I’m actually kind of early!
And i didnt want to torrent this one!

First of all, I did enjoy the movie. It was alot of fun, and many sarcastic quotes and some funny once too “You are a Mouse” haha. (You will get that when you see the movie). And the aMaskrmor helmet/mask things they had, HAHAHA, omg, what was that all about?
It was something like this 😛 I didnt get that part, but anyway!

The fact that the book is kind of short. I think the movie could have been exaclty like the book and that alot of the changes they did was unnecessary. Like the fact that the kids (Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy) met with Caspian and the other animals that early. I know they are like, the whole NARNIA, but i didnt like that. They could have waited at least one battle before they brought them in!

And the fact that the kids were made “faliors” when they lost the war at first, in the telemarins castle. I didnt like that at all. They are never mentioned as faliors in the book. (Btw, that scene was so sad, when they had to leave people behind, because of the gate!). And just to be clear, I’m not saying that the scenes were bad, or that is was bad in anyway, I actually enjoyed how they made it. But I dont think that they had do do it. They could have gone with the book all the way.

I didnt like that Peter was such a “bad guy” in the movie either. That he and Caspian kind of disliked eachother and it was kind of a battle about being the “big king”. Thats TOTAL OPPOSITE of the book. Cause in the book Peter actually says to Caspian the very first time they meet “I am not here to take over your throne”. So thats was kind of BS.

Aslan came into the movie to late. I think.

The way they made the last fighting scene, where the ground fell apart, and the Narnians came up from the ground, was amazing! I loved how they did that. I actually think the fighting in the book is kind of weakly described. So i enjoyed this!

I actually felt sad at the end, when the kids are about to leave Narnia again. And lucy made me so sad. A tear atually came down my face…

BUT THEN THE WORST THING HAPPENED: (this is TOO american). The stupid KISS betweeen Susan and Caspian, OMG where the hell did that come from? the movie was great, they did almost everything right, and then they had to go and ruin it with a stupic 2 min romance? They could have made a perfectly good movie without any romance!

So overall, I will give the movie a 7/10. The kiss made it drop a point or maybe even two.

Edit: The fact that the Telemarins was spanish like, was weired. I cant understand why they wanted them to be that…

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Movie of the Month

I watch alot of movies, so I thought i would begin a Movie of the Month post, and of course write it every month. I do not know if this is going to work, but i will try.

Last night I saw a movie from 2002, it’s called


(copy-paste from imdb as it is a hard name:P)

It’s got an 7,8 from imdb, and I agree. I gave it an 8, maybe I should have given it a 9, but anyway.
The plot is simple, it is in the future, and man kind has experienced WW3, and now the survivers are doing anything to stop the world from getting into a forth war! Its is really exciting with awesome fighting scenes!! Maybe somewhat like The Matrix in fighting, but not that extreem! I loved it!
And ofcourse you have some romance ❤

I know the month isn’t over, but it’s close! And i dont think i will find another that will make this movie second! Have a great watch!

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So yesterday the cinema in town showed a movie outdoors. Totaly free and totaly AWESOME.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall ( 2008 ) was shown, and it was sooo funny! I got a little surprised when I got to see Jason Segel wee-wee and Mila Kunis tits. But it was funny 😛 Oh so funny 😀

And it was so many people there! And the screen was like 13 metres, and the sound was good, and not to many people was standing up in the middle of the movie, and not alot of smoking! It didnt cost a think, and me and my friend had the best chairs ever.


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