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The time of WoW

Actually, to tell you a litle something from the “old days”. When WoW came out in Norway, i was like, “AH MY GOD I HAVE TO BUY IT” …. but… “AH MY GOD I HAVE TO GET A NEW COMPUTER FIRST” … because that time i was sharing one with my sister, and thath wouldnt have worked out. So i ordered one online, and had to wait for it to come so I (wish some help.. actually I stood and watched) could build my computer. Then innstall everything. Bu that time WoW was sold out everywhere. So I had to wait for the second release. And when that day came, I skipped school for like an hour, and ran to the trainstation, took the first one to Oslo, ran up the main street and into the store and bough it for like 500 NOK which is $100.

So now you know that story.

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