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I know many of you have asked for places to eat, drink coffee, go to that I prefer. I have never really though of that as information you would like to have, but I am clearly wrong and I will with this inform you of some of my favorite places to go to drink coffee and stuff like that. First of all, I live close to Nydalen/Bjølsen and some of these places are near there. I will also inform you of how to get there by public transportation! This is just the first list, of hopefully many, when I actually think of palces I like to go, but this is a start.

Bjølsen Bakeri
This is a fearly new place, and hasn’t been open for more than a couple of months. I went there only because it is the closest café to my apartment. But I am so happy I went there and the main reason I go is their Cinnamons Buns. OMG. You will not have had anything that delicous in your entire life! It costs about 20 NOK, maybe 25. Its not that many seats available, but its not that central so I had not yet had trouble getting a seat. Together with the amazing cinnamon bun they are very aware of coffee. I mean, they sell great coffee imported from special places and they know their stuff. A cup of regular black (but very good coffee) costs about the same as the cinnamon bun and you get a free refill (it’s not many places in Oslo that still does that!).
Directions: The Easiest way is to take the 54- or 37-buss from Jernbanetorget to Bjølsen (about 20 min). The café is just across the road (almost) from the busstop.
Website (in norwegian): http://bjolsenbakeri.no/

Bjølsen Sushi
Hah, another place at Bjølsen. But this Sushi is amazing. I have not had that much sushi, but I think this one if great. It’s also one of the cheapest I’ve found so far in Oslo. I usually eat Maki and they are from 45 NOK at 6 pieces. They are open until ten, and you can sit in the restaurant or take away, they make the food in 10 minutes or so. I love it.
Directions: same as above. Just behind the busstop.

This is a coffee-shop a friend of mine words at, and he is THE SHIT in coffee making if I might say so myself. This is a coffeeshop that sets coffee highest on the list, they train theirs baristas and make sure they serve the best coffee to their costumers. Very few seats, mostly a to-go place and not that much to eat, again its the coffee that counts, and if you want the best coffee you go here! (Or Tim Wendelboe, but that is a different story).
Directions: the 37-buss from Jernbanetorget to St. Hanshaugen. The shop is almost just at the busstop.


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