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A true Friend

From Postsecret.com

From Postsecret.com

Do you have a best friend? A friend that is always there for you no matter what? A friend like this postcard expresses?  If you are a person like this. You are lucky. If you are the person who wrote this postcard to postsecret, you are blessed. You should always care for this friend, always be there for her and always be on her side.

Not many of us, or i hope im not the only one, have a friend like this. A friend who is with you no matter your choices, your faults and lackings. Not all of us is lucky to have someone who will be there for you no matter how much you argue or disagree. Alt of us have friends that are there for the benefits and not for the hard part.

We all needs friends like this picture describes. We all need someone like that. Are you this kind of person?  Am I? What I am really trying to say is, if you don’t have this person, maybe you should try to be this person for someone else?

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I was just in London, as you might alreaddy know. And there I bought among other things, a book. A PostSecret book, by Frank Warren. I have posted a few post of postcards from the internett site before: www.postsecret.com. I have also gone to amazon.com and play.com and I almost order all the books everytime. But the shipping and the prices is to high, so it just never happens. But now since i was in london, i went by this bookstore and I asked the man behind the counter for Frank Warren Post Secret books, and they had one!

Its just a small one. Small enough so i can have it with me anywhere actually. Just a little bigger than a bundle of postcards, and i love it. Now i can be sentimental everywhere. ‘Cause thats what these secrets do to me. Some of them even make me cry :/ I like that!

From Amazon.co.uk

Do you like postsecret? Have you ever sent in a secret? Own a book?

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Post Secret

Post Secret Logo

Have you heard of post secret?  If not, you really should continue reading!
Post Secret is started by Frank Warren, and to make it short, now people send him postcards with secrets of their own. Just to tell the secret to someone, totally anonymously, and just to get it of their chest and to tell the secret to them self. There is books out with tons of these postcards in them and there is movies at youtube!  You can also visit www.postsecret.com to read some of these postcards. They are moving, sad, some are funny, but they seem honest.


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