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Starucks logoIn Norway we do not have starbucks. Nor in any coutries that are close. So when I travel over sea to Britain, I enjoy a good Soy Mocca! Omg that is soooooo goood! Appearently (or so I’ve heard) Starbucks can never open in Norway because we are to few people here, and they need X people to visit each day, and we are to few to even come close…

With that said, in Norway we have alot of other coffeebars. Privat, small, sweet coffeeplaces. They are really good at making coffee too! But is like, something special to go to Starbucks when we dont have it here in Norway!

With that said, i dont think I want starbucks in Norway. Cause there is a charm with the small home-made-ish coffeeplaces we have 🙂

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