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You might have heard that Norwegians get out and enjoys the sun the minute it appears. Early April when the snow is still on the ground and the sun comes out between the clouds, we get our scarfs and our hot coffee and we sit outside. Hopefully we avoid the wind with a wall or something and we enjoy the little sun-time we have.

Well, the summer isn’t much different. This year we had a great April (at least where I live) and a crappy may (with the exceptions of a few days, and 17th of may). And now, that June is here is has started of great and all I’m thinking is “I have to tan right now, cause july. Might be crappy!”.

I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I have to take every minute I have off from work when it’s sunny to tan, drink cold beverages and eat ice cream. Cause really you can not depend on the weather. You know what the first thought was when June started of as sunny, was? “Oh damn, is July going to be rainy now? What about my wedding?!”. So that’s how it goes, I sit outside eating my breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner and only go in when the sun is down and the mosquitos are out and worry about what day of the summer is going to be crappy and rainy because I can enjoy this day today.

And just for last, a happy, ice-eating picture of me and my husband-to-be!

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