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I try again

So now i tried like alot of times to blog with wordpress. I dont know why it doesnt work, but this darn login thing is stupid. Stupid I tell you.

Anyways, i have a reason for this entry:
SWIFTKARATECHOP, yes, He is the reason i write this. Cause I just found him on youtube last night, and I have been watching since then. He is amazingly funny, and actually have the balls to make some seriouse vlogs from time to time. He is awesome 😀

So, I am getting more and more nerdy. Let me explane.
I am like, all the time on youtube. Thats my nr.1 place right now. And facebook has ofcourse taken over my life by now. And now that i find more and more awesom vloggers on youtube i can just let everything else go, cause i dont have time for anything else 😛

And in the fall, me and my boyfriend will move in together, and then the nerding will get wicked! Xbox360 I TELL YOU! The games that are on the list of what to buy is: Army of Two and Assasins Creed. I will kick some b/f’s butt! And we will have to try Age of Conan as well.. soon. 😀

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