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Some of you wanted to know how much snow was left here in Norway! I can ofcourse just talk for where I live!

This is the snow that’s left outside my door and window!

(Noen av dere ville vite hvor mye snø det var igjen i Norge! Jeg kan selvfølgelig bare snakke for hvor jeg bor!

Dette er snøen som er igjen utenfor døren min og vinduet!)

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The Snow

The snow came to Norway as it did in alot of countries these past days. It has been cold for the last days, so it was kind of in the air. I was just waiting. Even though i was waiting, it hit me. I woke up.

“It’s Snowing”

And it was. The ground was covered and the sky was white. That was about all I saw before i crawled back to bed.
Into my warm bed.
Closing my eyes.
Pretending it wasn’t true.
Falling asleep,
Skipping school.

All of this, cause of the snow. It’s cold, its depressing and it melts when it gets to hot. That’s what it always does, that’s what it will do forever. Its depressing. Its not cold enough for the snow to last. We get the snow in october, but it won’t last until christmas. I wish snow would come on the 24th of December and stay just until the 1st of January. That would have been nice.

The snow is alreaddy just wet, rainy and mushy. The weather is still cold. I call that rip-off.

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The weather hates me

And i hate the weather.

Whole of last week I was at work. An inside job. So i cant go out. And the sun was SOOOO hot and nice and everything was perfect. Except that I was working. So after this whole week I said to the two people who was working on the playground (this is a museum-ish, viking-playground and café place), cant we trade places for like 2 hours? And they agreed to watch the café because they had enjoyed the sun that whole week. But are you kidding me, I got under 10 minuts of sun until it started to rain. pooring down and thunder and lightening. It was awefull.

So, this week, I had Monday and Tuesday off. And was expecting really nice weather as it had been that weekend… but when my days off came it just rained. I had to sit inside all day, both days.

Back to work on Wednesday and Thursday. SUN2k! I dont get it. And now Friday is tomorrow, and its my day off again. And i just looked at the weather report… its going to be like this:

This is a crappy picture though. (Click on it and it will get bigger).  But you may see that there is just clouds. With like 2 suns maybe. Thats not good. I felt as if the weather hates me. It doesn’t want me to get a tan. It just want me to blog and vlog. i don’t get it.

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