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Some of you wanted to know how much snow was left here in Norway! I can ofcourse just talk for where I live!

This is the snow that’s left outside my door and window!

(Noen av dere ville vite hvor mye snø det var igjen i Norge! Jeg kan selvfølgelig bare snakke for hvor jeg bor!

Dette er snøen som er igjen utenfor døren min og vinduet!)

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Football in the Winter

I was out in -10 celsius last week, to watch my boyfriend play football. Even though it’s winter, everything is played outside! I was wear lots and lots of clothes! Artifficial grass is the thing (even though real grass is better ^^). Football is the national sport in Norway (atleast of the “summer sports”)! It’s hat we pay to see, what we see on tv, what most play, you get the picture?

The pictures At the bottom is from the field and one imprint of my body at the snowey bleechers! ^^

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Snow = Ice

More snow- and winterpost. Alot of you guys wanted to know about winter, how we deal with the cold, the snow, the ice, what we wear… and stuff like that.

Well, here is just the answers from me, not the intire population of Norway ^^

I always wear this huge winter jacket. Because it keeps me warm, and has room for a lot of layers. Thats the most important part, layers of clothes.
I don’t use wool, cause it itches.. But if its down to -20 Celcius I would put one a fleece sweather aswell.

I always use scarf, mittens and something to cover my ears. You would freeze to death without ^^And maybe a pare of tights or something below your jeans!

I prefer to use some kind of UGG wannabe, cause they are water-resistant (if you spray them), warm and they go high up on you leg. 3-in-1 !

This is when it’s really cold. But usually at winter its just around zero, thats not that cold. Then it will do with just a coat, scarf and mittens. Wool and fleece you could do without! 🙂

But the roads are REALLY slippery! You should be carefull if you’re not used to the icy roads…

Yes I’m really good at driving you see ^^ The firts year with my own car, and I drive off the road, GO ME!

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